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Unlocking Productivity Through Mindfulness: My Experience Working with Margaret

I had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable transformation in my colleague Margaret (pseudonym), who discovered the power of mindfulness and its impact on her productivity. Through embracing mindfulness practices, particularly the principles of being present and creating space, Margaret experienced tremendous growth and became an inspiration to those around her.

When I first met Margaret, she was a highly ambitious professional, driven to succeed in our fast-paced corporate environment. However, she often expressed feelings of overwhelm and struggled to effectively manage her workload. She was always "busy" and "tired" without the joy and production to show for either. She was often late to meetings or early on the wrong day. Talking to her after in my office after she mistakenly showed up to an empty boardroom, I informed her that the meeting was the next day. I asked if she would like some help with her overwhelm. Determined to find a solution, Margaret accepted the ALM materials I provided and began to explore the practice of mindfulness, focusing specifically on being present and creating space.

Embracing Presence: I observed a significant positive change in Margaret as she began prioritizing being present in her daily activities. She cultivated the ability to fully engage in the present moment, allowing her to focus her attention and energy on the task at hand. I noticed that her decision-making abilities improved, and she became more efficient in completing her work. Margaret's newfound presence gave her a sense of clarity and enabled her to bring her full potential to every endeavor. She was no longer "trying" to be on top of things. She was completing what she could with what she had in the context of the professional and leader she is.

Creating Space: One of the most transformative aspects of Margaret's mindfulness journey was her embrace of creating space. She recognized the importance of openness and allowing for different perspectives and possibilities. By adopting this mindset, I saw her approach challenges with curiosity and an eagerness to learn. This shift in perspective fostered better collaboration and relationships with colleagues and clients. She stopped faulting herself for not having all the answers. She began to rely on others to do their part rather than anticipating their failures. Margaret's ability to create space for new ideas and perspectives inspired those around her and promoted a more inclusive and innovative work environment.

Transformation, Productivity, and Well-Being

It was astonishing to witness the direct correlation between Margaret's mindfulness practice and her heightened productivity. By being fully present and engaged in her work, she accomplished tasks more efficiently and effectively. Her attention to detail improved, and she became more adept at prioritizing her workload. Margaret's newfound ability to create space allowed her to tap into her creativity and find innovative solutions to complex problems, resulting in increased productivity and quality of her work.

Mindfulness not only empowered Margaret's productivity but also positively impacted her overall well-being. Through mindfulness, she became more attuned to her own needs and consistently practiced self-care. Margaret recognized the importance of taking breaks and allowing herself time to recharge. She was showing up looking more "put-together." She was confident, vibrant, and engaging. She no longer looked like she was on the road to burnout.


Working closely with Margaret throughout her mindfulness journey has been both enlightening and inspiring. Her dedication to being present and creating space has profoundly transformed her productivity and overall well-being. Margaret exemplifies the potential for growth and success that can be achieved through mindfulness practices. Her experience serves as a reminder to all of us of the power of mindfulness in unlocking our true potential and finding balance in our professional and personal lives.

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