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Virtual COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Pandemic forced many people, schools and businesses adjust how they conduct work and life routines and meet the needs of their stakeholders. Leaders and executives had to quickly alter and adapt to new circumstances, situations and environments that impacted their leadership style and performance results. According to a study conducted by Todd Herman, 29 CEO’s reacted to the COVID-19 in three following ways: 


  • The Fear Focused CEOs - this group is the most emotional, most concerned and most overwhelmed.

  • The Unfocused CEOs - this group is the one still uncertain on what to do, playing wait and see, and most dismissive.

  • The Strategy-Focused CEOs - this group is the most focused on taking what it is given, using it and remaining focused on the growth and opportunities of the business and organization.

 Advance Executive Leadership Coaching Group partners with leaders and executives to help them overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities, victories and transformational results. Our executive coaches are here to provide CEO's with the competencies and strategies needed to pivot and remain focused and experience success during these times. Contact us for resources and virtual trainings on the below related COVID 19 topics:

  • Maintaining Positive Mental Health During COVID-19

  • Virtual Teams and Remote Working During COVID-19 

  • Effective Leadership During COVID19

  • Creativity, Innovation, Change and Transformation during COVID-19

  • Balance Work and Home Life  

Advance Executive Leadership Coaching Group, LLC customizes virtual leadership sessions that meet the individual and professional needs of people and organizations. Contact us for additional information, complimentary resources and sessions.

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